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The international team of KLS GmbH has provided support in the sectors of data processing, software engineering, ground data system integration, computer hardware installation & maintenance and network & system management to the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and other customers for numerous years.

The support provided to DLR covers a wide range of system hardware and software installations in the operational environment of the German Space Operation Center, the technical aspects of the GSOC Ground Data System Network and its related interfaces, as well as the Man Machine Interface, Space Link Extension services and Monitoring and Control Systems at the Ground Station complex in Weilheim, Germany.

In addition, KLS is involved in the design, development and implementation activities for the Columbus Control Center. This includes the modernization of the GSOC infrastructure, the Network Infrastructure System and the Multi-Mission environment for the current operational satellites, CHAMP, GRACE, BIRD, EUTELSAT, SARlupe, SATCOMBw, TerraSarX and TanDEM-X.

KLS also supports the station of the German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) at O'Higgins, Antarctica and the station at Inuvik, Northern Canada.

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